As an Independent Instructor at the University of Oregon:

EC313: Intermediate Macroeconomics
Summer 2018, Fall 2018, Spring 2020
Syllabus: Original, COVID-19 Version

EC202: Principles of Macroeconomics—Fall 2019
Syllabus: Infographic Version, Text Version

Teaching Qualifications

Teaching Statement

Selected Student Feedback

I really enjoyed Econ 202 with Chandler Lester. The lectures were interesting and I credit this class with giving me a greater interest in Economics. When difficult concepts arose, Chandler was able to describe the situation very clearly, and I enjoyed the real world examples that were often brought to class. I felt like I learned a lot, and I finished with the feeling of gaining a broad and firmer grasp on macroeconomic topics. I also thought that the tests were really fair, they were difficult, but the questions reflected what was discussed in lecture to a T. I personally really enjoyed the class, Chandler’s teaching style, and the content overall. –EC 202

I really loved taking Econ 202 with Chandler, she was really helpful, always listened to the students and taught the material well. She was graceful in class when students talked over her but she also held her ground in a polite way that kept the attention on the class. I would 1000% take another class with her. –EC 202

Was a great class especially considering that all the classes changed to online with almost no time to prepare. If I had any questions throughout the term I would email her and she was always quick to respond and help anyway she could. The organization of the content was well layed out and easy to follow. Was a fantastic teacher and will excel in any position. Thank you for a great term and best wishes in all your future endeavours. –EC 313 (Spring 2020)

Very helpful, engaged, and understanding instructor. –EC 313 (Spring 2020)

Instructor did a great job at keeping class engaged. Very good at explaining how answers are obtained and encourages questions to be asked if need be. –EC 313 (Fall 2018)

As a Graduate Assistant

Class Term(s) Duties
EC 201: Principles of Microeconomics Fall 2016, Spring 2018 Lead discussion sections
EC 202: Principles of Macroeconomics Winter 2017 Lead discussion sections & Graded
EC 423/523: Econometrics Fall 2017 (First Year PhD course) Lead discussion sections
EC 313: Intermediate Macroeconomics Fall 2017, Winter 2018 Graded Student Assignments
EC 422/522: Forecasting Winter 2018, Winter 2019 Graded Student Coding Assignments (RATS)
EC 410/510: Computational Macro. Spring 2019 Graded Student Coding Assignments (Julia)

I have also graded for EC 311 (Intermediate Microeconomics x2), EC 327 (Introduction to Game Theory), EC 430 (Urban & Regional Economics), and EC 480 (International Finance).